There is always more to come !

One of the great things about knowing God is that there is always more to come !.

Where ever you “are at” now, what ever revelation you have, whatever blessings you have had, whatever level of relationship you have with God…there is always more !.

When God created the Earth, there was more…he created Adam.

When He created Adam, there was more…He created Eve.

When He told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, there was more…He provided a ram

When He led the people out of Egypt, there was more…He bought them to Canaan.

When Moses died, there was more…He called Joshua.

When Rahab hid the spies, there was more to come…she saved a nation of God’s people, and was in the line of Jesus Himself.

When David murdered Uriah, there was more to come…He discovered a depth in His relationship with God through failure that he never had before.

When Jesus was hanging on a cross, there was more to come…a resurrection, a new covenant, a church, a new hope, a new future, a new priesthood…

When Caesar persecuted the church, there was more to come…a powerful church, the new testament.

This is the “quality” that we have in our relationship with God.

When Jesus turned the water into wine, He saved the best till last !. That’s how He thinks…always encouraging us that “the better” has yet to come.

It’s that “quality” that comes by His grace, every day…there’s always more to come !.


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